Time to acknowledge.

Without nurses, our healthcare would come to a stop. We understand that. Sort of. Nurses don’t get the recognition, the social prestige and the respect that should go with the value they offer. And… not enough people nowadays choose nursing as a career.


What started as a recruiting campaign, commissioned by our client, the MetroWest Health Foundation, became also a public relations effort aimed at enhancing the image of nursing and recognizing our nurses for what they do.


Our campaign included a broad range of media—internet, print, movie stills, mall exhibits, and internal communications. It received nationwide attention, and garnered numerous awards for the Foundation; several other groups have received permission from the Foundation to reproduce the strategy and have done so successfully; we actually find similar efforts using creative components from NursePower across the country.


The first year that the campaign hit the streets the Foundation reported that requests for scholarships were up almost 100% since the previous year – over 12,000 brochures were distributed and eagerly received – and the web site received over 5,700 visits in one year alone.


Strategy, concept, art direction, interviewing, research, copywriting, website design and development by Inside Out Communications, Inc.

Nurse Power